Relationships in early recovery

I’m in early recovery 7 months plus a few change. I was just wondering what anyone’s experience with relationships in early recovery was. I am obviously aware that it’s not recommended, I am very invested in my recovery and in every other aspect I follow my program to a T. I don’t want to leave my partner so I’m just hoping someone can share their ESH with me.


Welcome @Ahtnamas and congrats on 7+ months!
I’ll share my experience. My hubby is an alcoholic and an addict. He gave up drugs when I got sober but not alcohol. Life was miserable for me. I couldn’t stand being in the same home with him. We didn’t communicate unless we were arguing.
I promised myself I’d give him a year to jump on my sobriety train. That year came and I gave him an ultimatum. He finally got on board after a few relapses. Our marriage is much better now. By no means is it perfect but we’re working on things.

During all that time, I made sure to focus on myself and my recovery. Kept up on my meetings 4 nights a week for my sanity. I could have never done it without the support of this forum and ladies at meetings.