Reminder of how I used to look


As of yesterday, I’m 15 months sober. I’ve just been on Facebook where they did one of those “here’s a photo from two years ago!” reminders and I’m really shocked. It’s a photo of me and my youngest son. I’m not drunk at the time, more hungover, and my face looks terrible, especially my eyes. I looked so ill, such a strange colour, and I didn’t know just how obvious it was! I’m so glad I stopped when I did. I’ve started to forget just how awful it was and sometimes I need reminding.


They are a great reminder. Unfortunately I have a bunch of those things with my kids. Bloodshot eyes, just looking like garbage. Thankfully I’m just tired these days.

Congratulations on 15 months.


Congrats on your 15 months!! Facebook is good for reminding us of how far we have come. :grinning:


It is bittersweet when I see stuff like that. The other day my memories showed me a picture with myself holding a beer, my son’s father smoking a cigarette and my son between us, reaching for something. It made me cringe to wonder what his DOC may end up being. It was a great reminder of why I’ve been changing everything this last year! :heart: Nice job on your 15 months!!!


Congratulations on 15 months sober. I am 2 days in after a recent reset. I have taken pictures of myself…while using/drinking or next morning so I can remind myself of where I was when I get more days…years in as a reminder to never get back to that state. Thanks for the inspiration. One day at a time.:sunflower:


We all need reminders like that! :heart: We used to forget quickly were we came from :blush:

Congratulations with your 15 months sober! Awesome! :heart_eyes: