Reset after day 56

Was going strong. Back at it now. Relapsed last night. Today has been a blur. Just trying to get through it. I feel like the withdrawals are around the corner as today I haven’t felt too many withdrawals.


Best wishes to you. Don’t fall for the same trap twice :wink:

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What were you doing to maintain and enhance your sobriety? What didnt work? What will you do differently?


Thank you. You too

Keep coming back and get on a online meeting for support?.. you’re worth so much more,and we’ll done for coming back here and sharing your experience with us :purple_heart::blue_heart::fist_right::fist_left::blue_heart::purple_heart:


I have a daily task that I need to do as per my sobriety and I missed a few of those. For example Saturdays I need to attend the zoom meetings on here and Thursdays I read the relapse note I saved on my phone and how bad it makes me feel. I forgot to keep up with that as of late. Need to get back to it.


Recently I’ve thought about drinking more days than not, we don’t have to be strong we just have to be willing to hurt a little when we feel weak. I don’t care if I’m going strong or not as long as I keep going.


Just have to remember the feeling of the four horsemen the big book talks about terror bewilderment frustration and despair. Never could avoid them when i was experimenting.

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Very well said. Thanks

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Yes very true. I agree.

My relapse chart since July 2020. I feel like it’s trending upwards a little

What can you add to what you are currently doing to reverse the trend and stop it?

Progress not perfection.:grinning::+1: keep up the good work!

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I had a sponsor who recommended i do the 90 in90. I didnt want to and thought thats too much but what i learned from it is its never enough, you have to be willing to go to any length to ensure you survive alcoholism.

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Last weekend was my sister’s wedding and I almost drank alcohol after my first 80 days sober - the only thing that stopped was how I kept reminding myself that I can’t lose all that hard work!

If you’ve hit reset then what matters now is not losing all your precious hard work again! That’s your pride and joy right there!

Keep myself as busy as I possibly can.

Thank you. What is the 90 in 90?

I totally agree. I have all the information saved in my phone to read and refer to when a craving hits. I just need to pull it out and start reading it.

Good job on your 80 days. Keep going.

90 meetings in 90 days