Reset after day 56

Do they have daily meetings we can attend?

On line they have a site intherooms. Depending on your location they have daily meetings anytime of the day. Were im at through the pandemic they never closed my home group has monday and Thursday meetings and a couple others that have them everday various times, it just comes down to finding one and going. Theyre around everywhere

Sorry to say that I’m with you brother. Reset again last night. You’re not alone.

Just pic ourselves back up and carry on, all we can do, not sulk in the sorrow. We’re either working on recovery or working on a relapse. Glad to see you made it back.:pray:

Thank you brother. I’m going to look into one but will start attending the weekly meetings on here.

You are not alone but learn from this relapse and keep going.

Going to bed now. When I wake it will be 2 days. My anxiety is high and my teeth chattering is back. I hate this. I know it will all pass but it sucks