Reset and lifestyle

had to hit reset, again. This time I was able to stop after a few beers and tell myself to go to bed. Previously I would have been up all night getting hammered and then been late or have missed work. I still see this as a failure but glad I dont feel like crap today physically. I am going to try to focus on eating healthier this week and trying new recipes to keep me busy. I’m getting older so a change in diet and lifestyle is needed.


Hey, sorry to hear you hit that reset button. But glad you came here and shared about it.

How did you have those beers? Like, did you have them available already (how and why?) or did you go out an buy them or did you go to a bar? Why did you drink, what led up to that moment? You need to look at what went wrong to be able to see what you need to do different.

I know that for myself, I needed to set realistic expectations. If I wanted to change everything about myself, I started resenting myself more because I felt like everything I did was wrong. And nothing changed in the long run. So don’t try to tackle everything at once, so you don’t set yourself up for feelings of inadequacy :heart: Put the focus for now on your sobriety, you got this :muscle:


Remember the motives that led you to wanting sobriety. I’m glad you are focusing on the positive that u were able to stop after a few beers, but this could also set you up for a future relapse bc your mind will try tricking you into saying remember the last time you were able to stop at only a couple. Just keep remembering why, remember to say no to that first drink. That’s the only drink that matters.


We all may fall but getting back up is the foundation we need to rely on in order to stay focused on what we are here to do. I’m glad you feel good about yourself because your amazing and uplifting so love on yourself we are all human we make mistakes. Learning from them are the keys that will set us free. So try some different recipes, hit some zoom meeting, keep sharing and love on yourself you deserve it have a blessed and highly favored day we are all on your side


This is progress, though, and don’t knock progress. That moment of clarity came from somewhere. I’ve been there too, literally asking myself what the hell are you doing.

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Welcome Hope I’m glad you’re here. You know in your heart you want to be sober, stable, steady. That’s what stopped you. You are starting to feel how good it is, to have your feet on the ground.

Lay your roots down there. Keep introducing new healthy things each day. New recipes (like you said), new walks through the park; new meditation or reflection time, new creative outlets. New community - here on Talking Sober, or wherever else you find people you connect with.

Remember there’s two things going on here: your “addict brain” that keeps giving you that ‘let’s just have a bit’ routine (you know the voice); and there’s your new self, your sober self, which is young and nervous but also full of wonderful potential. Give her space to become her full self each day. She’s interested in cooking, lifestyle, experiencing things. Maybe she’s interested in podcasts? Let her live her life to the fullest each day. You will find she’s interesting and lots of fun and adventure.

Welcome back Hope. It’s always good to see you :innocent: