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Well tomorrow I am back in the Zone, in fact in 2 and half hours. Longest I have gone without alcohol is 67 days. That’s my target to beat. As well as alcohol abstinence, i need to lose weight - 2 stone in fact. That is also my goal.


Sounds good @Tony12. Glad you’re sticking to it. Never give up, never.

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Go for it :facepunch:
It helps me to come here every day. I learn a lot about my addiction and how to stay sober.
T S is my program and it works for me!
Hope to read you here often!

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I was never successful at sobriety goals, and especially bad at achieveing sobriety plus anything else.

I found permanent sobriety by focusing on one day, from awakening to bedtime, and not drinking for those 16 or so hours. After 3 years, I was able to tackle smoking. After another year, I began to address my weight. To this day I have trouble with weight goals.

But it all started with the decision to stay away from one drink for one day, and getting the help I needed to do that. That is still my job today, to stay sober today no matter what. So I still get lots of help daily with that.

Blessings on your house :pray:.


Maybe try a meeting they help wish you well

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