Resisting temptation is so difficult

I relapsed. I’ve been using again for close to two months, just as bad as I was previously. I’m going in to an addictions clinic tomorrow morning and getting on suboxone and hopefully I can maintain my sobriety this time. I’ve been struggling with Percocet on and off for 3 years, they’ve ruined my life so many times I can’t even count. I so badly wish I could resist temptation. I’m scared to go through the anxiety I’m about to go through, the sleepless nights, etc… any and all support and/or advice very much appreciated… thanks in advance!

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There’s definitely a few Suboxone threads on here. Use the search function to find them bc there is definitely some good info on them. There’s also quite a few opiate/heroin users wandering about, myself included, who can answer questions.

Be very open with your doctor and ask lotsa questions because getting on Suboxone should not be taken lightly. You are essentially replacing an opiate for an opiod (those definitions would be an interesting debate for another thread, but I digress) which has both abuse and addictive potential. Ask in depth about what your treatment plan is, the length of time he intends to keep you on it, how he plans to ween you down and what the backup plan is if you don’t take to the meds. Ask about all side effects and what to initially expect.

Unfortunately some doctors only prescribe it to make money and don’t care about your long term recovery. Suboxone can be an amazing tool to getting clean if administered in the proper way. So make sure doc is on the up n up.


Yes, I’ve taken it before those are all questions I’ve asked previously. I don’t intend to say on it too long. Just as long as I need to get through my withdrawals and I would like to take a minimal dose