Restarting my clock for weed? Is that even a thing?

Is it wrong that I don’t find weed to be bad at all? I don’t even consider it a drug. I feel as if people only think it’s bad because it’s “illegal”. I’ve never done anything wild or crazy after smoking. I’ve never made a bad decision while high on weed (except maybe eat too much) but besides the munchies I don’t see why its considered a drug when in reality it calms me and makes me more productive. Anyone else with me on this?

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I don’t weigh in often on this subject because my opinion doesn’t really matter. But from the way you are talking I’m going to be my normal self. It sure sounds like addict talk…I’m not that bad, I’m only hurting myself. Are you using weed to cope??? That’s why most recovering addicts stay away from all mind altering substances. If I get to numb the world I will! So ask yourself honestly is weed a problem? You seem to be having a hard time walking away from it, so it sounds like it’s starting to be an issue


Had a friend who smokes weed for years meet his partner last week was asking after him hes in a dementia ward at a local hospital sad hes only 48 dont know if it was the cause ? he dosnt smoke it anymore wish you well

I was very addicted to marijuana and would be again if I smoked once. I felt the same as you for a good chunk of my smoking years.
You do you. I always felt like God made weed for addicts to have a safe outlet. The thing is, I don’t want to be an addict anymore.
I do very much see it as a drug. One thing to note is how do you feel when you don’t have any. For me it was… Not good. I had a bad temper and felt like there was no point in even living if I couldn’t smoke. I know that’s extreme and I hope that’s not the case for you. For myself, I began to realize if I kept smoking I wouldn’t be moving forward in life which did not sit well with me.
This is just my feelings. I wish you all the best and believe 100% full sobriety, including from marijuana offers a freedom that drugs and alcohol never could.


I didn’t. I took edibles over New year’s and had a panic attack. They hit me all at once. Everyone said it would be subtle. Nope! My body chemistry is insane.

Anti depressants do the same. I get full effect the first day. No 8 week crap lol.

Any day with weed can’t be worse than blackout drinking. That’s just me. It’s possible to have a bad addiction to anything.

Yeah it could be a thing if say, you can’t find a job or lose a job over it. Or say if you choose to hang out by yourself to smoke instead of being around others. Or maybe you smoke so much you get lazy and don’t finish things you wished you could do.

Definitely relate to this, “career smoking” is like being in a toxic relationship, and believing the lies (my own views since quitting); when I quit it I realized the time I’d wasted and the freedom I’d set aside the whole time. I’m an all or nothing with drugs so I had to say see ya. I do think it’s better than doing hard drugs for sure, it doesn’t hurt others, but it can delay the rest of your own life while stuck on couch lock lol.
I missed it until the first time I handled stress better without it.


It’s definitely a drug, if it wasn’t a drug you wouldn’t get high or want to use it lol. You could make the same argument for alcohol which IS legal. A lot of people who aren’t addicts can have a drink here and there without making any horrible decisions or crashing their car or fighting their with the spouse, they just get “drunchies” and go to bed. It sounds a little bit like denial to me. My roommate got so addicted to weed he could only smoke Wax that’s was like 98% TCH or he wouldn’t even feel it, and he was always high. He would smoke six plus times a day just to deal with life, he couldn’t even not be high at work. He was totally functional and productive but it was still ruining his life, that why he quit. It’s not worth your life. The addicted brain can and will get addicted to anything, I think the important part of getting clean is to stop putting value on being high. It’s the same excuse I used to relapse to incessantly until I finally quit drinking for good. Also just because it is generally safer than alcohol doesn’t mean it comes completely without risks. I actually know someone who developed schizophrenia from it. IF it’s not causing problems in your life then why are you on a sobriety forum? Even if it’s not your DOC I would absolutely say no, still. Learn to enjoy being completely sober it’s amazing!


I had to quit weed BECAUSE it IS legal here. How can I function if it is so easy to get. So easy to consume. But guess what, you can still loose your job over it. Still not get that dream job because of it. Its actually easier to get a DUI from it now that it is legal. When I quit I got lots of temper tantrums at first. Depression. Now that Im quit I am more productive. Have more mental clarity. Better memory. More focused on the important aspects of life. I make better descisions without it.

I just found out today that Im getting a second interview at a very well regarded employer. A dream job. I have no fear of the drug screening. Not worried about a background check. Im not zoning out and forgetting things in these crucial panel interviews. Im saving money and potentially earning more. I dont have sticky resin on my hands or stink or have to constantly use eyedrops or have social anxiety or paranoia or reduced lung capacity. Theres a lot of reasons why not to use it.


Maybe keep a separate clock for each substance