Restarting my Sober Time Clock

I’m eight days clean tonight. That’s because I had to restart my clean time clock. My original sobriety date was Dec 12, 2020… And then in mid June I had about three days of binging on porn. My next sobriety date was June 12. Now my sobriety date is July 26. I feel badly about this. I don’t want to go back to my old ways of 7-10 days of abstinence followed by a binge… That isn’t sobriety. I want to be truly sober…consistently sober… without anymore relapses…

What do I need to do to ensure this happens?

More meetings (phone meetings to fill in)
Morning Prayer & Meditation (every day)
Journaling (Every day)
Attitude of surrender

The piece of information that I will remember is that over the last seven months I have been sober the vast majority of days. Somewhere around 230+ days. That is to be celebrated.


Very brave of you to reach deep and explains these circumstances

I look up to that :slight_smile:

Your experience strength and hope can help a lot of people

I’m a addict.
I can easily fall into the trap of sex addiction if I’m not careful

So for shedding light on me from your experiences I say thank you

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