Retrograde in the coffee house

@ this phase of recovery-covery I enjoy /a\ligning more consciously with the Moon as a source for guidance, support, & reliable instruction.

Since healing is rarely linear I’ve found this form of astrological intervention a reminder of a more sustainable & less impulsive way to keep attainable momentum while growing through what the seasons have planted.

Speaking phrases like ‘I’m in retrograde’ in place of ‘I relapsed’ helps to facilitate a more graspable long term maintenance perspective of the evolving process between healing cells. Psychologically, metaphysically, emotionally, & parapsychologically this is helping Me more & more.

Looking upwards towards todays New Moon in Capricorn, “Chiron”, an asteroid energy source known as the ‘wounded healer’ is released from retrograde and provides an ethereal confidence boost.

I’m looking upward to this since the ‘no coffee’ goal I kept for several months entered a retrograde phase during a festive holiday gathering, further illustrating that much like alcohol, when working thru coffee compulsion, I can’t stop after the first s[l]ip of brew.

After months of measurable progress, more than I have maintained [caffeine free] in years, I was played by a hand of coffee. However still okay & moving on because time & healing aren’t linear, they’re MET/a\versal. Relieved that this chapter doesn’t contain a dark sentencing or cast spells of time lost, this sobering initiation into the heart of patience has welcomed Me with strong reception.

There must be a purpose why the caffeine shadow needed participation during this development opportunity, & as an active support to the collective services of recovery, rehabilitation, restoration & revival, I am here for all of it.

4Years 8Months 10Days No //A\lcohol
2Years 6Months No Vaping

successfully progressed through 33 days without caffeine


The planets are not to use as a reason we relapse. It’s an excuse.

Also, the sun, the moon and our Earth don’t retrograde…


My experience has been similar…healing has not been linear…far from it. :purple_heart: I appreciate your self compassion for your journey…this too has helped me in my recovery…far more than shame.


Thank you for investing the time to share Your words.

I value that perspective as well as honor that everyone’s journey to discovering themselves & their full mitochondrial potential is not be judged through anyone else’s experience.

“Chiron”, the energetic signature being released from retrograde isn’t being compared to the earth, Moon, or sun.

For Me, self acceptance along with vibrational boundaries & limitations are okay while learning from the healing spectrum.

This approach isn’t an excuse for My spirit to retrograde within My ancestral body, instead it’s a way to fine tune & embrace deeper insights as to what I’m trying to alchemize.

What I found is that coffee & the culture aligns Me closer to the resonance I feel when being around My genetic siblings. When I quit I didn’t know that & I wouldnt have had the opportunity to address those feelings had I not allowed Mycellf empathy. Now that the awareness is there, I can be more prepared for the temptations.


I learned a lot from this particular challenge.

These scenarios are new for Me & I recognize that some setbacks may be necessary for the longterm goal that Im motivated to encompass.

Fully feeling the caffeine hangover -since coffee is a plant medicine & drug- I really did need this opportunity & insight into My love affair with coffee.

Making a new quit date over the weekend, this time around Ill be more psychically prepared

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That makes more sense, and it didnt read as such when i first read it.

Edited. @planchette i apologize. We all have our processes. If you want to do more shadow work, i can share my own experiences.


Coffee is such an easy one to let slip. Certainly never brought me the wreckage other things did.

After realizing the way it plays havoc on my anxiety and sleep, for me that one was strangely easy to have only a single cup first thing in the morning. That is me though.

It helped when a sponsee suggested I keep decaf around if I really get the mood for the taste. So wise! I switch to that now.

I admire your effort and progress though. The vaping is another one for me I find much more difficult. Nicotine definitely has an effect on me and I think I’m just afraid to ride through that again. Good on you.


It is a process for sure…as everything is in my experience. And as you said…non linear. I appreciate you sharing your journey and where you stand with it at this time in your life.

I gave coffee up in my 30s…found my way back to 1 cup a day + 1 decaf a day 20 years later, and settled in nicely there…otherwise my sleep and self suffers.


Thank You for sharing what has worked for You. Coffee is a sacred siren for Me, however vaping is fairly easy not to romance anymore.

I will try to apply the one a day approach when I actively start replacing it again. I’ve given Myself to the Next New Moon to ‘live here’ within this semi-caffeinated winter bubble. I feel that it’s My way to rite through the journey & draw upon the forum again for extra inspiration. Thank You for being an inspiration.


Thank You. I like the passion You project & look forward to viewing more of the content You share.
It took Me a complete day to post that thread in awareness for how My brain interprets information & sometimes [most times] it’s challenging for Me to convey what is hoping to be shared. English is not My Mother tongue & since this is only the 3rd year out of time that I’ve had space to actively practice, I look forward to being more guided by those with more familiarity.

Coffee, although some may not judge as a big deal, speaks to My mitochondria in a different way & obviously has been more challenging for Me to grow from than other addictions & dependency’s. Please do comment & share the parallel experiences You have/had.


I understand. I thought about my comment to you all day, and felt guilty. I’m not a bad person, but sometimes i act like an asshole.

I can share eventually my work with my shadow.

Also, i think you and i are born under the cancerian constallation. :slight_smile:

Blessings to you.


I have a way of over explaining & appearing arrogant. I didn’t feel that You were extending any negative vibes. Most of us are in this forum for honest & supportive interchange. I’m excited for the new perspective that You offered & the opportunity to rethink if HOW I’m feeling is the way I WANT to feel.

I was bEarthed July 22nd & this is My 40th year learning how to process air.

Blessings to Your Houses too.