Returning after Relapse - trigger warning - alcohol

I think there’s a place to ask these questions, but I don’t know where on here.
2 of the last 3 times I’ve recently drank I’ve become very intoxicated extremely fast (by the 3rd beer). Yesterday I threw up black. I believe I’ve probably got sever liver damage. 48 year old binge drinker.
I’m trying to find an appointment and have some labs done, but covid is making it difficult.
I was sober December 2020 to April 2021. It’s imperative I get sober again. This time it’s scary.


I would be asking my doctor. When I was very deep in my alcoholism I vomited black on many occassions. At the time I couldn’t care less and would just keep drinking. However, if you are at the point where this is concerning I would certainly get that checked out.


I agree with Derek above, please contact your doctor and discuss with them. Maybe a treatment center would also be a good step?

And you are fine asking your question right here, no worries there. We are here to listen and support. Glad you are reaching out and working toward sobriety again.:heart:


You should definitivt go to a doctor, Black can mean blood in different ways. I would call ER( if its called this in your country?


Black vomit isn’t good. You could be bleeding in your stomach. If you experience black stools it suggests that you’re digesting blood.

Either way it’s very serious and needs to be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible.


It is a scary thing to be dealing with, just a reminder of how alcoholism progresses we usally pick up right were we left off. I wish you well hope you can get to the ER, see a doctor or treatment center quickly. God Bless🙏


How did it go?