Road to 100 days

I believe that I have finally hit rock bottom. I got up to about 3 or 4 days, yet again, and failed. So this is day zero, yet again. But this time I am completely pissed off and come Hell or high water I will get to 100 days. And this will be sort of like a journal. Been clean for about five minutes nows. I am ready to take back my life from the clowns.


I was like that start stop start stop but now I have finally reached 5 months and slowly the cravings are calming down before it was everyday now maybe 5 times a month but get on top of it I have heard it gets even easier past 6 months so im gonna keep pushing forward good look with yourself mate


Just take it a day at a time. What’s your plan this time around?

Ok! Show me…show us…show yourself for most important! Get that :100:!! :facepunch:
Do you have a plan how to reach it?


Don’t worry about 100, worry about today. What are you gonna do today to stay sober? Today is the day that matters, build the positive action habits. No time like the present.


Sending you strength! I couldn’t even go ONE day without before…so you can definitely do this!!

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Day #001
I made it a full 24 hours, and that is impressive because yesterday when I failed, not to get into details but it was set up it make me want to fail again asap. So this morning I was going to fail but then I thought about what this whole thing did to me and took away from me. I got so mad at the thought of one of the most important things it took away from me, I snapped out of it and stayed on track.
Thank you all for your comments and support. Addy, your story gives me hope and also let’s me know this will be a lifetime battles, that will get easier but also like a snake in the grass, will always be there to strike during a moment of weakness.
As for having a plan, I guess my answer is not really, I learned a lot form the on and off quiting over the past month. I am slowly trying to change things in my life. It is hard but no, no real plan.

Day #002
Today wasn’t so much of a close call as yesterday but curve balls were thrown. On my road to 100 the first speed bump is getting over the 7 day mark. 7 days is my record for 2019.

Day #003
Today went by so fast because of everything I had to do. On an interesting note, I am measuring how long it takes to do a full day’s work in my current state. Not so good but I’m learning from it.

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Day #004
This could be a record for this month and even the last month. A lot of the battle is a head game. And keeping busy seems to help.


Doing great! Just remember each day gets a little bit easier… for me anyway. And most people I’ve talked to. Try a meeting and keep yourself busy! Remember also that you’re still detoxing and this is the hardest part. Exercise and water can help with that.

Day #005
Still at it. I would say I am going strong but that would be a lie. Iam just focusing on getting through this day.


That is strong. Today, is what counts, without it we have no chance at a sober tomorrow. The worries of tomorrow lead us to the bottom of a bottle today.

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Day #006
Still recovering from the battle to stay on track yesterday in the face a three bold faced moments. I’m close to breaking my 2019 record of six or seven days. I am on one minute at a time mode.


Day #000
I failed. Stsrting over again. Tied my 2019 record.

Sorry to hear about your relapse. A plan might help you. There are a lot of people on here that have been successful. It might help you.

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I am the plan.

What does that entail?


Day #001
Done. I have more than 15 years of things I am overdue on thanks to this crap. Most of today was spent on that.

Day O again. Failed p
I just want 100 days. Just 100 days. Not to quot forever just one hundred days. No one. 100 seconds. Then 100
Minute then 100 days. Then I’ll even go back to falling as long as I can just know that for 100 flicking days I was able to beat the monsters who took every thing from me. Destroy all monsters. For one hundred days. Just :100: