Rough day so far

It isn’t like I’m being tempted to drink but it is a day that in the past I would have used the drink as my solution. I’m not sure what to do. I’m annoyed, my kid is stressed, my husband is pissed at me. I don’t have the appropriate tools to deal with these situations. I’m all about avoid avoid avoid.


If you picked up any phone numbers at your AA meeting, this would be a good time to use them.


I understand that, completely. Saturdays are a hard day for me, so I am in the same boat you are currently. Don’t go back, though; it’s always worse if you do. We’ve got this!

I know the feeling. Which parts of your situation are under your control? The serenity prayer comes to mind, figuring out how to change “avoid avoid avoid” (my tendency as well, all day long) to “accept change accept”. A past therapist of mine encouraged me to extract the information from my emotions (basically what’s going on in my life), and then once I’ve extracted that information, let the emotions do whatever, hang around or fade as they please while you just live your life. Emotions are useful until they aren’t.


You have been doing awesome so far, VSue! Don’t give in. Can you get away for a bit to go for a walk, a meeting, a quick shopping trip? Maybe bake something? Or maybe plan a nice date night with your husband and smooth things out.

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I have no intention of drinking. Do not fear. I’m just realizing that I have no clue how to deal with life. Not even these little things. This journey suddenly seems so much longer.


@VSue I know, right?!?
It’s funny how many things would just ross is I to drinking mode that then would just wipe our brains clean. I just came from a very productive meeting today and when all I should be thinking about is how great it went, this little unfounded voice popped in and said “did you say anything stupid today?” And I realized that normally this kind of thought would send me off happily to the bar to forget I even had that weird thought. Trying to figure out who we are without alcohol is weird!


Toss us into drinking mode*