Runner's log


All this running talk is getting me fired up to go run…I’m out the door w my dog !


Sounds good. Need some more personal accountability. Too easy to say it’s too cold or I’ll work out tomorrow. I’m down with the idea. Thanks for taking the initiative.


It’s what we make of it, or it can be. Just like this forum.


I forgot about this


I ran philly marathon a few years ago. Ran it with a big group from my running club. Went to a spa and night out with some women two nights before the marathon. So the day before the marathon I was so absolutely hungover. So stupid!


Don’t trip boo the main thing is making it back


Glad to see this active again. I just started running again this past month after about a year hiatus. Actually new years day I logged 8.6 miles, which was my longest run ever. Have a goal this year of a half marathon, and maybe even try to win a 5k or two, at least my age group, too old and out of shape for the overall!


I got into the Spartan Obstacle Course Race series last year and have registered for 3 different distances in 2018. I haven’t done much in the way of organized runs for quite a few years…did the Long Beach Marathon years ago and my fair share of 5 & 10ks but I’m finding myself drawn more to trail running now and actually discovering there are quite a few organized dirt running events out there to participate in. My last couple runs have been short distance on a treadmill because December was a rough month for me getting to where I am now. With that said, I’ll post my last real good long run from over a month ago and put myself to work getting back on track. Thank you for starting this thread up, I think it will get a ton of interest.


I booked two half’s with a couple of friends during 2018 that I’d travel to: New York City Half in March and Vermont Covered Bridges in June. I am 58 and I can’t do a half in under two hours any more. However now that I am no longer drinking I wonder if I can match my old PR. Maybe… All that wine must have affected my performance.

However it is so damn cold and windy here I am so glad I’m not training for anything now and don’t have to train in below zero weather.


I’ve found that setting those goals in stone helps me stay on track, it’s good you booked them out because it gives u something to train toward.

Lol…As much as I love the cold, I complain when it gets down in the low 50’s when I have to train.


It’s 9 degrees now with crazy wind gusts, but on thu and thu when I plan to run it will be 33 and 40. Balmy


I have not been on a skateboard in almost 3 months. My last broken bone did it for me :confounded::confounded:


:scream:u running with ice skates?? Enjoy that. I won’t complain about California weather for a while.


Yup. I dislocated my shoulder. After that I had to stop. I’m getting to old


Haha it comes with age. Now it’s kinda cold outside (in the 70°s) I’m really feeling my age


Yikes! And I thought it was a little chilly at 50 on my run this morning!


Me too, I’m in northern CA and I thought it was chilly on my run this morning but we have no idea what actual cold is!


Finally knocked the rust off and got out of this anti-exercise funk!!! Felt so good to get out and run some trails today.


I did some training this weekend too. Went out yesterday to get a baseline for a 5k, im hoping to get a sub 20 minute. Yesterday was just over 22 minutes, plus I was fasted, so I’m hopeful. Did some 1/4 mile max intervals today, HR topped out at 181!


Thats damn solid!