Runner's log


Mid run here…Day 4

Been feeling off all day. Really really wanted to drink. :unamused:


Good job keeping at it. I didn’t get out today. I’m having a off day also,


Ugh, seriously. Just having a lot of negative shitty thoughts. F this day.


It’ll be better tomorrow


Stay strong @Elisabeth! At least you got out there again today. My muscles have been too sore - I still haven’t gotten a second run in for the week!


I’m going to start. Does anyone know of a training app that will coach over top of your own playlist? Haven’t ran in a long time…nice to start with the run/walk intervals…the little voice to boss u around helps sometimes😊


Thanks guys!

@Kareness my legs are sore too. It’s my own damn fault for quitting running for so long. Bla :confused:


This run is powered by U S Bombs


Okay, I did it. About 1-1/3 miles, all hills where I live.


I love this. I get so sad remembering how much I used to love running. When is your half? I needed to read this today after looking forward to the weekend and thinking about how much time I could spend drinking. It would be a great motivator to think about how I could spend my weekend falling back in love with running.


Thanks…good idea😊


Just one of those days where you can’t really pinpoint what’s wrong. Meh. Feel better today, so it passed :thumbsup:


I know! I was kind of reminiscing and looking at photos from my runs. I have all these medals and I was in way better shape. Makes me sad too, and it wasn’t even that long ago. Just let my running fade to nothing.

I want to do one early next year when it’s not so hot, but I haven’t committed to a certain one yet. That might be best though…more pressure to get back into it. :blush:


I drove 50 miles in 3 hours does that count


Lol, imma say no. :wink:


I didn’t use my air conditioner so I was sweating


Damn :joy::joy: I hate this state


Literally the only thing keeping me from drinking today. Knowing I still needed to get my run in.
My phone crapped out so not sure about time/distance. I have a runners watch…time to take it out and dust it off, Lol.

Keep active everyone and have a great weekend! :headphones: :running_woman: :running_man: :v:


Great job today!!! I wish it was raining here, haha.


Short run today :sunny: :sun_with_face: :sunny:
Miles: 1.72
Time: 20 min.
Day 6