Runner's log


There’s no way I’m going to run today. I’m beat and it’s hot as hell today


Fack, I know right? This weather is bullshit! My father in law was telling us that’ll it’ll be 107 and 108 next week.


It was 107 at 2 o’clock


I like this idea! My story is similar. I’ve always enjoyed working out but after way too many miserable hungover morning workouts, I’ve slacked off. I’m ready to get my energy back and start running and toning again!!


It helps a lot. Well it helped me the 2 times I did it :joy:


Ok 5 hour skate compition this morning, and a mile run. This run is sponsored by the decendents Milo goes to collage


30 minutes this morning. Pure torture but better than the pain of binge drinking and hangovers!



It’s a good torture tho. When I started it felt like my kidney fell out. But for being only 12 days sober I’m good with it. Good job on getting sober it’s a big step


Lol, “pure torture.” :thumbsup:

Great job!


At least you have another kidney :wink:
Keep it up!


Skate sesh done, my fro is out of control :joy::joy:


I like RunKeeper myself. I like that you are sober and running. I am inspired. I do the half-assed half-hungover workouts. But that ain’t good. Keep it up.


Poof goes the hair


Haha yes the one you posted last week?


@C-sun I seriously can’t thank you enough for posting. Was being lazy today, this was my afternoon schedule after work:
5pm: meh, just got off at 4:30, I want to chillax
6pm: it’s so hot though whine
7pm: playing video games
7:30pm: laying in bed
8pm: looked at talking sober, shit! guilt lol
8:10pm: off my ass and out the door

And it was probably my best run today! :smile:

27 min.
2.39 miles


So kick ass!!! :sparkler: :fireworks: :sparkler:

What app are you using to track weight loss?


Over 100 degrees :heavy_check_mark:
Over 50% humidity :heavy_check_mark:
Rain :heavy_check_mark:
Looks like a trip to the indoor skate park


Night run! :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

2.3 miles
25 min.


Haha this weather sucks dude