Runner's log


Screw that I went back to work today, my ass ain’t doing nothing plus it’s still raining


I’m good with everything but the rain


I don’t haha I work outside


Hahaha don’t do that


I didn’t go running yesterday either.

:thumbsup: to all of us! Lol :wink:


Common you guys, get off your butts and post some running selfies here @Elisabeth and @C-sun!!! Hehe! I am motivated to run/trudge tonight.


Ya get off your assess an run, I already know my lazy ass ain’t :joy::joy::joy:


It’s 75 degrees and perfect running weather.


Trade you. It’s 98 and raining


Lol yes! I need this push for sure. :smile: It’s 100° here, but overcast, so I’m going to go a little earlier than I’ve been going. Gonna try for a 5k today, lately I’ve only my been doing about 2.3, 2.4. :thumbsup:


I love running in the rain! I used to tell myself that it wasn’t a good run unless my toes were soaked. Haha


Hey there…Im baaaccckk! Needed some grounding and encouragement. So tomorrow evening look for my post. Running at park downtown right after work.


It just stopped raining,the clouds are gone, humidity level is insane


Oh yay! You’re back! :smiley:

Didn’t think I’d see you on here again, glad you’re here and going to participate!


3.11 miles
39 min.
100° :thumbsup:


I still feel the love though when I think about the end of the race and the blisters on my feet and the chub rub etc. I’m looking to commit to one so I have sort of a distinct point that I’m fighting for. I bought a wide rubber band once with my sobriety date on it and I used it to snap as a distraction when I needed to for the first few weeks. I’m thinking of getting another with the date of my race on it to remind me when the struggle gets a little tough.


Bummed this is the view from my window. No bueno on run. Strong storms.


Y’all making me look bad. Works been kicking my ass so I have not done any exercise. Keep at it though I’ll keep watching from my couch :joy:


Taha you still beat me, but got my big ass off the couch. Helmet head at it’s extreme :joy::snowboarder:


Im almost through the third week, doing 4 times a week running! On tuesday I wasnt feeling like it at ALL, but I did it. Yesterday was a lot better. Doing one of those train for a 5k in 8 weeks things.