Runner's log


Love this. What a beautiful way to remember someone. I would think it’s them too. :purple_heart:


I ran 2 miles with my bf yesterday. I was nervous because hes faster than me. But it was good. My best time, under 11 minutes a mile. Yay!!


Ok I have not been out in a while. I skated for 2hours. I’m beat


Yes! Those 3am wake up times, like my own personal hell on earth.


From today’s “runch.”

Which of course means, running on my lunch break, Lol. Little over 2 miles of running/walking. Starting to feel more like myself today and not so sick.


I like It!

Then there is rreakfast and rinner :blush:

I ought to get into a lunchtime run. There is a shower in the office I work in…in the historic town of Winchester, England…

AA members may know there is a strange link between a founder of AA and a gravestone in Winchester cathedral. It’s worth a Google if you don’t!


Lucky you! I hope to break into the 170’s one day soon. At least I’ve broken thru the 185 barrier. I weigh 184.5. Haven’t been able to get any runs in for about a week - unfortunately!

I’m happy to say I have lost 2" of tummy fat, not from running but from being sober for almost 8 months.


I got in an easy treadmill walk for 30 minutes tonight. I’m going to break myself back in to it slowly so I don’t get injured. Maybe after a week or so of easy efforts, I’ll start running during lunch again. I’m in southwest Georgia where it is ridiculously hot and humid right now, so my motivation to run dies really quickly upon stepping out of air conditioning:)


So inspirational! Keep kicking ass girly! :heartpulse:


You’re tearing it up. I rode my bike to work today, saved me 5 minutes


Not that big of a gain to my health (wrong kind of bike) but saves time. How’s your day?


I have my ups and downs


Anyone else eating like a horse after quitting drinking? I’m at 4 days sober, ran on the treadmill the last three days, and my appetite is raging!


Yes! My appetite was crazy and I craved sweets like I never have before. Took about a month to pass, but everyone is different.


Good to know. Just avoided a Taco Bell:)


running on a track today. First thing right after work.


Ok ok no run, no skate but rode to work
Time 12.5 minutes
Top speed 142 mph (not normal for me but it was chilly)
Music by ministry, ministry’s greatest fits


Nobody’s running, so I’m not the only lazy one :joy::joy:


Went for a hike today!


Went to the gym at 8 a.m. Whoop whoop. So mutch better going to a work out, than planning it and thinking “neh” (aka hangover as hell).