Runner's log


I made it 7 days sober and started actually running on the treadmill at 6mph this morning. Baby steps!


much better than a drink!


That’s an impressive pace!:+1:t2:


Loving the running! Doing 4x a week and it rocks! What a great natural high. Its different from the other exercise I do. I get red and sweaty and I love it.


Your times are amazing


it is almost cooling down enough in Southwest Georgia to run outside. I’m still on the treadmill everyday for at least 30 minutes. I’m on day 12 and exercise has certainly helped!




I broke the 4 mile mark yesterday! So stoked. My boyfriend runs half marathons but I’m not aiming for that. Just so happy that I’ve found this new fun sober healthy high.



I’m sober 14 days, have started running aswell. I’ve lost my garner watch to track distance and time😦 really enjoying the fresh air and feeling healthier than I have in a long time.


Yes. That’s a good idea, thanks Ilk have a look at your other thread. My phones quite big, that’s my only concern although I did use it today for music and it was okay.


Lol, yes running can be mild annoying at times. I had track suit bottoms on today with big pockets that zip up, which worked well my phone couldn’t move anywere. I’ve got an I pod nano, but I don’t use I tunes . Im a bit naff when it comes to technology. I’m hoping to get to grips with I tunes sometime this week.


What app do you use for running @C-sun? This thread is getting pretty long! I looked but couldn’t find it.


Okay :slight_smile: I just downloaded Runkeeper to try out. I’ll let you know what I think.


Oo, I’m going to download as well. I used YouTube today but only have limited Internet access. I could try dowmloading before hand. Thanks for tips


I love your :four_leaf_clover: necklace.


Was a present for myself when I quit smoking 2 years ago :smile:… for luck



After my run… Went for a swim!


I did not run, but I skated all day (shocker) no helmet head, sweaty hair selfie due to the fact I forgot to take my phone out of my pocket and it didn’t make it. Rode the 15 foot halfie today (first time since I broke my leg on it) was nervous as hell about it but can’t live your whole life in fear. Buddy did get some pretty cool action shots though