Salty or sweet? What snack is your go to in recovery


I’m crushing some cheez-its right now, hot & spicy style


Been on a jag with mini pretzels and chocolate hummus…I know…sounds horrible…tastes yum!


There’s such a thing as chocolate hummus??? I will spend all day tomorrow seeking it out!


A friend gave us some as a gift and inside my head I thought OH NASTY! But…it actually tastes just right for me. I do love hummus, make my own quite a bit. Hope you find some and like it! Who knows!?


There’s no doubt in my mind, I will love it! And I will bestow upon you all the credit to which you are entitled!


I will let the original gift giver know…she will be tickled.


@Englishd Can’t help it but the salty or sweet question reminded me of the word game last weekend and the first thing that popped in my head was “buttcrack hair or sweaty balls” lmao


It’s a good thing I’m alone right now because I just laughed out loud.


Haha, same here, as soon as i saw the name of the thread… this needs salt haha


I’m regretting this now bc I want to go buy all these snacks haha. J/k, I like starting fun threads because what’s the point of recovery if we don’t have fun?


Ain’t nuttin wrong with that


Real answer tho, I’m tryin to incorporate dieting and losing this beer gut and puffy cheeks as one of my distractions so it’s been mostly spring mix salads and chicken ceaser wraps for the last 3 weeks…i allow myself a cup of iced coffee every morning to help get jump started and I couldn’t help but tear up a bowl of my grandma’s banana pudding Easter Sunday lol


Captain buzzkill on the having fun part u just mentioned @Englishd I know, but I’ve had 3 different doctors tell me to get off the booze and drugs and eat healthier to try and reverse the damage done or be prepared to more than likely die at the ripe old age off 33…and who wants to be one of those poor bastards that dies of a heart attack b4 40? Lol


I definitely want to start eating better, but I currently live in the 'hood and it’s a food desert. It’s sad how we treat inner cities.

I try to make up for it by staying very active. Between biking and walking I usually do 60-80 miles per week.


I hear that, it’s gonna be harder for me (and has been the last few yrs) running up and down interstate 95 and goin back to the city…doesnt get much more hood than dc and baltimore…nothin but fast food everywhere u look


Salty OR sweet? I love both at the moment. I love to mix chocolate with salty mini pretzels or bbc chips :drooling_face:


God I am CRAVING some onion rings!!! Oh my gosh!


I’ll go with savory any day!


Hot and spicy pork rinds. Ketolife


Currently my home is full of Easter candy so I’ve been going way crazy on sweets… i threw some out today and tommorw I plan on at least putting it up in a cabinet so I won’t see it and think I need a piece everytime I walk by lol