Salty or sweet? What snack is your go to in recovery


I eat a lot of brownies. They have them at walmart in the bakery isle with a cream cheese tipping. Ahhhh so good. Ice cream is great. You should try to new bluebell peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough. So fuckin good. Ice cream cones kick ass too. I also like bacon. Or carrots with ranch. Yogurt. A bowl of cereal. Thats usually what i snack on.


I live in Syracuse if you wanna throw some this way :grinning:


What about :doughnut:, do you like them?


Fried pickles. Steak. Mcdonalds chicken tenders are actually really really good. Bananas sliced up with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I will think of more but i need to go to the fridge now


Haha! Right. I love em. Give me a chocolate topped donut anyday.


This is the stuff I’m talking about! The good stuff!


If you ever find yourself passing through Syracuse NY you gotta stop at Harrison bakery


Yeah i love me some good snacks. Im drooling now


Haha ok i will check it out if im ever there


I kinda hope for your sake you’re not. There’s not many reasons to come here other than passing through.


Lol… I’ve definitely got enough to spare!


HOT Krispy Kreme donuts at 2 in the morning since the one by my house is 24/7… i can eat a whole dozen within an hour


I got hooked on Kit Kat candy bars. My wife will still occasionally put one on my pillow before bed.


I’m so thankful the closest KKreme is an hour away from me because I’d gain 100lbs in no time!! You have to stop when that HOT light comes on they are so good!!


Respect. That’s impressive


I’m addicted to this brand and flavor!BB_BunnyTracks-Iowa


I now want all the ice cream


I have had to fast since 6 o’clock for blood work tomorrow and this thread is fucking killing me :joy:


Lol, stop reading it!


I cant! It’s like a sick test of my will power. I’ll probably have ice cream and salted caramels for breakfast after the docs at 8 :wink: