Salty or sweet? What snack is your go to in recovery


That’s a fair compromise


My favorites… Just finished my last ones :cry: Have to order a new box like yesterday lol


Cheese and crackers


Are these like Swedish fish?


Mostly I’m about salty/savoury. I’ve never been much of a dessert person. BUT when I’m craving sugar watch out. Usually my go to sweet thing is gummy candies. Did someone say Swedish Fish???


Oh man
This thread is amazing
My stomach is so loud I swear it echoed in my room.
Honestly, I like both but I am being such a psycho about what I’m eating I haven’t had a snack snack in sooooo long lol.
That being said there are these salty and sweet protein bars I’ve been eating.
So fire!!!


They’re sweet/ salty black licorice :+1:


Oh my god…where do you find this magic. Black licorice is the best thing ever…salty black licorice sounds divine. :slight_smile:


My family usually brings it from the Netherlands or I go to Tom’s Farms in Corona, CA (they also deliver) for double salted black licorice :heart_eyes:


Of course the Netherlands!! All the best black licorice candies are Dutch. I swear my 3 years in Holland as a young kid are the reason why I love black licorice so much and can’t stand those red twizzlers. How those can call themselves licorice is beyond me. LOL

I’ll have to check the Dutch grocer we have here…but it’s a bit out of the way. I only go at Christmas time to get chocolate initials for the kids (haven’t done that for a while though).


Por que no los dos? (kudos to anyone who knows what commercial that’s from)

I’m a lover of veggies and hummus, fruit gummies, gardetto’s, popcorn is a huge one for me. :slight_smile: Also, chocolate of course!


Are you aware of chocolate hummus? I was not until last night


I’d eat that! @C-sun really likes pumpkin spice hummus…just ask her…LOL!


Look, they marked it down even lower than the last pic. Gross.


It will be a penny come next fall!


These are probably my favorite go to snack, great for any occasion!


Scrambled eggs are good AF with lemon pepper seasoning too…


Chili cheese fritos and ranch dressing are really good!


I put cottage cheese on spaghetti and meatballs. It is divine…lol.


I am not sure how hint of lime Tostitos ended up in my mouth with deviled egg potato salad… My pregnant body swears it is good even though my head is ashamed I swallowed it.