Salty or sweet? What snack is your go to in recovery


Deviled egg potato salad sounds really good!


I make my homemade mac n cheese with cottage cheese…and about 5 other cheeses :blush: I’ve only used ricotta in lazagna…guess I’ll try it different next time!


Yaaassss. Blue Bell! Factory in Sylacauga, AL. U tour it, and at the end… all u can eat, free blue bell.


Both. When I started getting clean I fell in love with those reese break fast bars. amazing


Take 5 bars are the bomb!


So I just found strawberry flavored marshmallow fluff. I can’t think of a single thing that it can’t make better.


Fluffernutter sandwiches!


I have to try this!!!
My ed flares up sometimes and this sounds like a great alternative


*strawberry fluffernutter sandwiches. Hell I don’t need to date in early recovery now because that’s better than sex


Yes! I grew up on them and still eat them now and then. I go through a half gallon of peanut butter a week. I put that shit on everything.


Thanks, now I’m not hungry


I’m bodied.
Dead :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:


Okay, I’ll redeem myself. This is a New England staple to any diet! Fluff, peanut butter, nutella and bananas on grilled bread is like a party in your mouth!


Damage has already been done. It’s going to take a loooong time until I can eat one again. I’m talking minutes, maybe even an hour.


If my e.d. wasn’t getting the best of me right now I would be drooling hahah


I eat both pretzels and chocolate and Carmel.


That looks so look heavenly!!! God I’m hungry now!!! I was hungry before but geez!!!


My grandma used to make banana sandwiches, haven’t had one in a minute! Nutella wasnt around and the marshmallow fluff wasn’t that big in the south so it was peanut butter, have known people to put miracle whip on em too. Brb, gotta add bananas to the grocery list with the strawberry fluff lol, @Englishd please tell me u got that shit at a Safeway or giant grocery store! Lol


I think I got it at a busted ass Sav-A-lot lol.


Nice, I think there’s one of those about 20 mins away, I can handle that lol