Salty or sweet? What snack is your go to in recovery


I love it too


Is it crunchy peanutbutter?


The store I went to didn’t have crunchy. I almost called the police.


I would share,but it’s so hard to come by here…lol
How about I give you enough for 2 sandwiches?


I will give you strawberry fluff in return.


Oh why do you tempt me so? I get the feeling you want the whole jar


Is crunch PB really hard to come by anywhere? Tell me these locations so I can avoid them the rest of my whole life.


Lol the preferred brands can be costly in the Caribbean. Don’t think you’ll have a problem


Sav-A-lot, aka the ghetto grocery


You know, if I had to give up cruncy PB to lay around the beach drinking virgin coconut and pineapple products, I might be able to make that sacrifice…


Hahahaha,if only it were like that all the time. I’d pretty much dig it too.


I can live with two scoops. I will send half a jar of fluff.


I’m ready for the exchange lol


Why is this a salty or sweet sort of thing? One of my fav things to eat right now is alternating bites of seedless red grapes and pretzel nuggets. Am I the only one digging salty AND sweet snacks?


Salted caramels rock!


No,I read a few others who like both. But I guess generally we like either or


I can’t wait to do sweet and spicy again. That is super good. I had this brown sugar habanjero salsa once. It lives on in my memory 18 years later…


Sweet and spicy is where it’s at. Have you had any odd pregnancy combos for food? Peanut butter and pickles?


omg that looks and sounds amazing… And probably even better deep fried. I’m gonna try it lol


Not really. Im an odd ball. I dont get morning sickness but I get some food aversions and am just generally disinterested food in the beginning. At the end I always get reflux so bad that I puke, which is different than morning sickness. Then it is just hard to figure out what to eliminate from my diet so that maybe I can sleep tonight. I’m grabbing at straws there though. I’m never going to sleep again. Bananas have been helping with the restless leg thing some though. Shame the nastiest fruit ever is the solution.

Now as far as weird pregnant things I like to do… I don’t crave it, but I like it when it is happening. Dog sniffing. This is only pleasant for me when pregnant. The dogs don’t seem to mind. I was straight up huffing a chiwawa while everyone else was getting in trouble and fighting last night.