Salty or sweet? What snack is your go to in recovery




:laughing: I had a pregnant friend who craved sucking the dirty water from a sponge in her bath. So weird lol :nauseated_face:


18 years??!! Wow, it totally made an impression.


Couldn’t be replicated. One sweet and spicy day…


Grilled peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are amazing! They sound so nasty, but are surprisingly delicious. No pregnancy cravings required to enjoy one!


You know, I don’t have to be pregnant to love pickles, but I don’t think I would put that in my mouth if my life depended on it…


Haha, a friend convinced me to try one in high school. Understandably, I thought it was gonna be disgusting, but I was sooo wrong!


Well, props for trying it.


Lol, never tried that combo…and I’ve been stoned enough to eat popcorn dipped in ketchup and ice cream b4 lol


I’d eat because, what the hell, you only live once and I’m already on borrowed time.


Dude, that’s like super high haha. I would make that a new thread, but I think it violates community guidelines.


Yeah, I was gonna say, not gonna knock it cuz I haven’t tried it. This should really go in the laugh thread but it seems funnier here…


Dick gravy over biscuits… Ehh… I’ll take the ketchup popcorn


I saw that movie once…


Hahaha I’m trying not to bust out laughing bc I don’t want to wake up my roommate


No worries, I’m laughing at it hard enough for both of us lmao


I’m eating a Payday with BBQ flavored peanuts. So good.


It’s the return of the strawberry fluffernutter


OMG! What is that! It could be absolutely delicious or absolutely gross. My brain is confused :open_mouth:


Whatever part of your brain is telling you that it’s gross needs to be quiet. It’s delicious!