San Francisco

Going on a vacation to San Francisco in july. Anyone live in the area or know of any meetings I should check out while I’m there? Thanks in advance. :smiley:


I’m in SF brah! I haven’t found too many meetings but I also work Tuesdays through Sundays from 1pm-midnight but I’ll buy ya some dinner when you get here, so long as you like bbq :wink:


Haha thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I just know I’m going to want to drink so bad when I’m out there I’m trying to find some things to do that don’t involve being at a bunch of bars. IL be there from July 13th-20th :stuck_out_tongue:

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This will be my first non drinking vacation in 4+ years. I always drink on the plane cuz I’m terrified of flying :frowning: lol

I heard the art there is amazing.Im sure there is tons to do my friends are always talking about it.I have yet to go its only an 8 hr drive.Hope you have fun!

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Bring some music on the plane, I know how you feel. I would also try to take some meditation advice from @Oliverjava because I know thats something people recommend. If you have to lower the window shade then do that. I used to drink during flights too, come to think of I drink during everything!lmao but ME drinking never changed the outcome, Im sure the pilot isnt thinking’ okay now that everyones drunk I think Ill land safely this time 'lol Im kidding but there are alot of ways to distract yourself.

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