Saturday is harder than yesterday

Hi all Chere here,

This is such a rollercoaster of emotions. Today seems to be the hardest yet! Im guessing its because I have the most free time. I did fill up a good portion of my day but now that im back home and feeling super lonely its hard not to get in my car and drive to the LQ store. The thought keeps crossing my mind but I am sticking with my choice not to drink today.

Also a bit worried about this potential next shutdown happening due to covid. Actually im a lot bit worried. More worried about that than missing out on drinks during the holiday.

I know I shouldnt think that far ahead and just remain focused on today but my mind is beginning to race.

This is day 6


Congrats on your six days.
the worrying happens when we start forecasting into the future. Keep yourself in the present and you will find a lot less anxiety.
You say you are feeling lonely. have you tried a ZOOM meeting yet? I think there might be one happening through TS right now…

Zoom Meeting - Tuesdays and Saturdays


Keep on keeping on! Is it evening for you now? Can you take a bath, plan and make a meal, watch a movie? Until the act of not drinking becomes more “set” it can be an act of distraction. I found the end of the first week and beginning of the second challenging. But after I got over the hump it was easier. Hang on!