Scared my husband is ready to move on /alcohol

Hard day today. 89 day sober


Well, my thoughts are the same as they were on the last post you did. With all the responses that were given, did any make sense or help you see things differently?


Sober life is scary. Real life is scary. To actually experience the consequences of our behaviour sober is scary. But life also is beautiful and bountyful. You can’t have the one without the other. That’s how we human beings are wired. We are both scared as hell and awestruck.
Sending you love and caring thoughts for your hard day. Keep living one day at a time :people_hugging: :mending_heart:


What is your Recovery Program? Or do you have one?

Have you considered getting a real professional substance use disorder assessment? Sounds like it is time.

The title says you are scared your husband is ready to move on. That is his decision to make. He has to exercise self care, too. You don’t have control over what he does, you only have control over how you respond to it. Take care of yourself and focus on what is on your plate just for today.