Scared of socialising

Im on day 3 of not drinking and im scared of being around people that drink. My family meet every weekend and wine is constantly flowing. Im scared im going to give in or feel like im an outsider. Im so used to drinking and being the fun one im not sure how to be without a drink.


I faced the same fear…friends not family, tho…how much is sobriety worth?..if you took 3 months off…maybe 2 months…maybe more, to get sober, get skills to stay sober and learn who you are…wouldnt that be worth it. I am 6 months sober…and I wouldn’t change a darn thing!


You are in very early stages of recovery, and i am sure you are still experiencing the pains associated with detoxing from alcohol.

If you wish to stay sober, you must guard yourself from that next first drink. You should be willing to avoid situations that will jeopardize your sobriety. You are priority #1. Being amongst friends and family that drink often will tempt you greatly. Day 3 is no time to subject yourself to the situation you describe above.

Be honest with yourself, and if you truly desire being sober then you already know what you need to do regarding situations like this.

We believe in you, here. Now believe in yourself and do the necessary things that it takes to remain on the right course. Sometimes the hard thing to do is the only thing to do.

Dont go meet your family on the weekend where the wine will be. Do they know you are in recovery? Do they need to be told? Can you perhaps suggest an alternative to the normal family shindiggery?

Turn the fear you have into confidence that you arent putting yourself at risk. Make a plan. Write down all of the things that will put you on the brink of relapse and refuse to do those things.

Talk with someone you trust about these things. What is their perapective?

In short, be patient but be smart. The time will come when you can easily turn alcohol down, but 3 days is risky to me.

Stay sober and God bless


I just went to my first family function last weekend since I sobered up. I’m on day 14. Same here with the booze flowing like water. I watched them all get drunk and it kind of grossed me out in some cases. They started slurring and spitting food while talking and eating. It kind of gave me a boost in my desire to stay sober as opposed to being difficult not to join in. Who knows though, your family probably isn’t as gross as mine, haha!