Self control and addiction

hello everyone. I was doing great and made it 2 weeks sober then had a real bad relapse. I have been able to get clean of many other addictions but alcohol is bad. I’ve quit smoking and using pills for over 1 year, but alcohol is my toughest challenge by far.

Starting my alcohol clock again today gonna try again. Feeling pretty bad today and of anyone wonders of relapses are worth it, they totally are not worth it.

My wife says I should find someone to keep me accountable. Anyone think that really helps or is it mostly just something you need to do from within? Hope that makes sense.


Accountability is huge. Without accountability you would be doing it alone, which is an unlikely way to succeed in sobriety. One thing I do is I downloaded this app called spiritual toolkit. I do the nightly inventory, where every night I reflect on the day. I then send that nightly inventory to my uncle who is an addict. He does the same thing and sends his to me. We hold each other accountable. Therefore we always do our nightly inventories.

Keep coming back here for some form of accountability as well. Good on you for getting back on the wagon.


Hey buddy. Welcome aboard. We all learn from a relapse and what decisions were made prior to the relapse that led to it. I encourage you to write them down. Also write down how you feel right now. The pain you are going through now, write about it, preferably in an location near you at all times so that when you are about to relapse you can pull it out and read it. Or read it at least every couple of days to remind yourself of the pain you went through so you don’t forget when you break through.
As for accountability partners I have found that they do help. Just someone you can vent a little too. Try and find an accountable partner who is struggling with the same addiction as you. That way you can relate more and also once either of you develop a good sober streak and see or hear about how good the other person feels you will think if they can do it, so can I. That good feeling is only X number of sober days away. Everyone’s healing journey is different. Also what I found helps is keep track of the days and link it to a feel good activity. For example, you start at day 1 and you climb the stairs once. You probably climb it a lot more during the day at various times but you make at conscience effort to climb them at least once. Tomorrow is 2 times and the next day 3 times and so forth. Before you know it you will have a good long consecutive streak and it will become easier as time goes on. Just some food for thought and something that has helped me. Good luck on your journey. This app and the people on here can be your accountability partners. Everyone does a great job of checking in and posting. Thanks

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I like what your wife said; I had my sister, she lives far away, but then I told a few friends and it really did help… even though I fell off the wagon a few times it did help to have them support me. One of my friends recently asked if I was still not drinking and I said yes, and she said she needs to cut back on hers… so maybe you’ll have a positive affect on someone! :slight_smile:


Don’t be discouraged by your relapse. I’ve had plenty on the past and a nice collection of key rings and tokens. Think of a toddler learning to walk. Each time they fall over they pick themselves up and take a few more steps driven by determination and soon they’ve got it licked. It is a learning process and there is a lot of advice around. A chance to find what works for you. Where there’s a will there’s a will there’s a way. I gave up counting the days as I would feel dispair when I went from, say, 90 to zero. One time it was nearly two years. I realized I had not actually ended up at square one and looked forward to the next stretch of my journey. Besides, I have enough key rings thank you. I now think of myself as a non drinker.


Good analogy with the toddler learning to walk.