Self Obsessed Alcoholism

Alcoholism is self-obsessed. Again, alcoholism is self-obsessive, but we can obsess over alcohol with another.

Step 11(to me): We may through discipline (gym, meditation, prayer, job, service) and good civil morals and values under God be able to practice and improve our state of mind and sobriety which we have altered with substance abuse and neglect. I believe so, or someone or force will help so them how.

Step (to me): Decided for others and myself not to be selfish and self- isolating with alcohol.

From personal experience, a drunk’s life revolves around alcohol, and in turn even while functioning socially and civilly it’s merely for alcohol; eventually unfortunately for the alcoholic moments of alcoholic consumption and thought are in alcohol’s favor always in some form self-serving; one day, mentally or physically if not in check I believe alcoholism will collapse into almost total powerlessness with or without support structures. Even hobbies can seem selfish and obsessive to others at times but with favorable fruits. The fruits of alcoholism are loss of control, delusions, and powerlessness; alcoholism can be viewed either by self or by others, objectively or subjectively; acceptance of one’s alcoholism is vital because I have come to view it as leading to civil, social, and unlawful disobedience and negligence (duty and service); blame solely falls on to the individual. We can be shown the way back to mental sanity. Obsession can begin with the mirror or a bottle of Mr. Booze. Do I see it? Do I know it? Do I control it or vice versa? Be humble. I admit my lack of control over alcohol. I am not God. Psalms 18:30


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