Self sabotaging

I bought a bottle of Jamieson because I convince myself that it would help with the headaches from medication withdrawal. It was and $11 bottle which I drank from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. period before the incident happened I went to the store to buy a 4 pack of heineken and when I got back to my baby mother’s place I ended up getting angry and Overreacted to what I think is child negligence from my baby mother. Charge my phone but left it under the close that I neglected to put away which cause me to wake up Late to go to work. The last time I was Almost late I was in a hotel Provided by the company I work for drinking after work and I woke to my supervisor knocking on my door.When I drink there is so much rage and anger I have inside of me and is justify when it comes out during drinking. I don’t know how many times I’m going to convince myself that I need to stop but something Needs to happen before I lose my job.

I’d be more concerned with how my behavior is affecting my children rather than a job. Do you want to get sober? Because we can help with that.


Welcome to the forum. This is a wonderful first step. Some of us were really good at self sabotage, and some of us were really good at neglecting loved ones. A lot of info on here to help you out.


My son is affected when i have these bouts with my baby mother but never physical. I am currently in a substance abuse program but today i am buckling down and going all in to defeat this addiction with alcohol. One step at a time with no judgements will help me

I did counseling with a recovering alcoholic. How do you like it so far?

It worked really well when i wasn’t working. Now my schedule is all over the place and now i’m not focused enough to commit to spending an hour or 2 at the hospital which caused me to not be able to make my medication appointment. Daily stresses makes it easy to stray away from sobriety for me.

Have you considered AA? It’s more flexible than having a set appointment. Meetings start early in the day and have them well into the evening. Once my insurance wouldn’t cover any more therapy I relied solely on AA and my higher power to keep me sober.


I’m seeking my first aa meeting today most likely tomorrow but it is offered at my hospital. I just have to take this seriously before i screw up all the progress i put forth. Day one today!


I think you will find that AA is very helpful. I go almost every day. Not because I have to but bc I like being there