Settling into Sobriety, Narcotics and Wisdom teeth

I’ve always found myself able to walk a sober path when I decide to. Usually after 3 months or so I justify that’s it’s ok to have one drink to keep the pressure of consistent sobriety at bay. This always leads to more drinking then drugs and the cycle repeats.

This cycle is different. I am committed to myself and my goal of living a life free of the mental constraints that come with substance abuse.

I have to get my wisdom removed. Outside of the normal anxiety around a surgery I’m nervous that somewhere in my mind I’ll enjoy the narcotics… and somewhere else I’ll feel that temptation…

I contemplated resetting my sobriety counter to not feel as if I’m cheating. Holding myself accountable and not being able to hide behind inebriation is a huge focus of mine. Ultimately I know I’m very nervous for a lot of things to come the first week of June. Being proactive about processing my emotions has helped with the up and down battle between living a full life and staying sober.

Does anyone have any thoughts around this? Also, thanks for reading :black_heart:

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As far as my sober walk is concerned, if:

  • I’m satisfied my medical care provider adequately understands the nature of my addiction (which includes me being open about my addiction and my concerns)
  • Other medication options aren’t reasonable or advisable
  • Completely honest reflection doesn’t reveal substances to be part of my motivation here to do it,

then I don’t have an issue considering myself still sober, whether I’m following a prescription or a doctor/nurse is doing the administration. If I needed pain meds for a surgery, or I was in a psych ward and the nurse was strongly urging me to accept a PRN medication to manage an acute crisis, I would listen. Sobriety isn’t just a physical state, but also a state of mind.

That’s just my opinion that I apply to my own journey, however. Others have their own concepts and methods of sobriety and I respect that.

I just had a wisdom tooth taken out a few weeks ago and even though it was a tricky task, they were able to do it with local freezing only. If that’s an option for you this may also be a way of alleviating your concerns.


It seems to me sobriety is #1 on your list. When I had to have my wisdom teeth removed (all 4 were impacted and still under my gums), I wasnt really into pills at that point in my life. I did try taking a couple of the hydros they gave me but they bothered my stomach too much. I ended up getting by with just the ibuprofen 800s and it honestly wasnt that bad. The first couple days suck but once it’s over and healed you’ll be just fine. I understand the worries you have around this but I have a feeling you’ll get thru this. All the best :heart:


I feel like being honest with Dentist will go a long way. There are non opioids that are fairly effective. Maybe one of those could be an option.


I got 4 wisdom teeth pulled when I was 30 days sober … told them I’m an addict they prescribed me ibuprofen 800mg instead of the norcos
Hurt a lil for a few hours right after the surgery…
By the next day I was fine.
In no way did it hurt anywhere close for needing pain pills
So idk just my experience


Thank you so much for the advice. I agree sobriety is in the mind as well. I’ll have to ask them about local freezing


That’s what I’m thinking as well… I intend to open up to them about it to ease my concerns. Thanks for you response

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Sobriety is number one. I have a feeling I’ll just have to dive in and be confident in myself :pray:t5:Thank you for your response