Shadow monsters and voices?

What was your way of dealing with withdrawing from meth and seeing/hearing things?

I’m currently taking risperidone, busprione, and cyproheptadine.

I’ve been 10 days clean. How long until others stopped hearing/seeing things? Anything that helped you?

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Just going to bump this up. @goBlue24 did you experience any of this :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha oh god. That took a few weeks to a month with that one :joy:.
Showers I would hear things, paranoid as a mofo, I would think cops were everywhere. Hydrating, sweating out a lot of the toxins helped the best but simply giving my body a chance to rest and heal from the garbage I put in my body. Shit is pure trash.


You were the only person I could remember with experience of it, I’m glad that shit didn’t catch on properly over here. Are you still with us @Li_der🙂


Shadow monsters are also associated with sleep paralysis as well, lucid dreaming etc. That’s some freaky shit that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies, even though today I actively seek horror and frightening myself as much as possible, but the thought of sleep paralysis rubs me the wrong way and I wonder if drugs are an underlying cause or not


Yeah haha me on meth alllllll bad :joy:. All I can do is laugh now about it but it was a disaster while on it and caused a lot of chaos during.
If my past experiences can help another person, I’m happy to help. It was a very ugly time in my life and regardless I don’t regret it. Everything good or bad has lessons to teach in life and sets you on a positive path if your willing and able to learn and grow from it! That’s what I took from it for sure.