Share a Sober-Win you've had

I got caught up in something yesterday that made my negative thinking kick in. Yet, I was able to show restraint within MYSELF to not entertain my inner 2-year-old. “She” would have had a temper tantrum and caused everyone around her grief. This “two-year-old” would have given my 11 year old twins reasons to seek out future adult therapy sessions. I’m so glad I was able to not be my worst self yesterday by working a program. Today will be a much better day than if I had acted out or drunk yesterday!!

Sobriey: 1; Yucky Pre-Sobriety Self: 0


Every single day that I choose to not drink, every single day that I choose the path of discipline. Every single day that I choose myself and my loved ones over a substance. Every single one is a win!


I stopped drinking Dec 10, 2019.

During my first month of sobriety I went through a few family visits, Christmas, a college football game, New Years Eve, a concert, my 5 yr old starting school for the first time, and my husband relapsing bad on alcohol, twice. Ugh. I’m exhausted.

BUT! I’m proud to say I stayed sober strong throughout it all. Not one craving or trigger yet. I’m learning to talk myself through the tough experiences. Breathing exercises help too. I’m taking it one day (and experience) at a time.


Couldn’t have said it better than @TMAC