Shine bright even with a heavy 💓

I’m 24 hrs in ,it’s all not real and have been here before .but I have hope in my heart and :fire: in my belly…there has to be more than this …keep going everyone your all unique and beautiful.xx


Then keep the fire going and rock on! :facepunch:


You too Buts I’m sending you hope and strength my fellow

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Same to you @Lilemm! Stay strong!! You are right, there is more!!!

Where do you find these motivational images? Thx

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Just Google on “sober quotes” or “recouvery quotes”. Simple!! :+1:

It may seem hard and feel like everything is going all the hell but trust me it gets easier as time goes on just be around people who are on your side and even tho you think it’s not possible it is just try to find things to replace the thoughts of giving in and if you do don’t give up or down yourself that’s going to happen to pick yourself back up and keep fighting i was onces told everything happens for a reason and you either learn from it or you don’t but either way don’t give up keep fighting

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My quotes aren’t looked up mine come from inside .I hope they help others .makes no difference if from a Google search or feelings from deep down let’s keep eachother motivated with love, laughter and compassion.somethibg we never give ourselves as we feel were not worthy.thats something I deffo will need to work on for sure.keep strong my fellow addicts.xxxx

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Welcome @Supermomma3!