Shot and Beer Program in NJ

In my state, the governor started a program that any resident who gets their first covid vaccine can take their vaccine card to a brewery in exchange for free beer.

Firstly, alcohol is known to reduce the potency of the vaccine. The one thing they tell you is to not ddrink alcohol after the shot.

Also, joining an action that’s purpose is to create better health with something that’s unhealthy seems counter productive.

Anyone else find this to be absurd?


I thought it was a cool idea and an attempt at government being progressive.

Personally one beer wouldnt be enough to make me do anything. Open tab for a night maybe.


I had heard the same thing about drinking afterwards decreasing the effectiveness of the vaccine. But I guess if it gets someone to get the vaccine who otherwise would have been totally unprotected, it’s probably not the worst thing.

I do, however, think the lotteries that some states are doing is a much better idea.

Yea im not that bothered by it to be honest, but yesterday in group half the room was having a hairy. Was curious how you all see it. My governor has popularity problem. My thoughts are he’s just pandering to a certain dynamic to increase his poll numbers.

Im not getting the covid vax so to each his own

I’m in NJ too and I agree with you, he did it to increase his poll numbers. It doesn’t bother me either, if it gets more people to get the vaccine then it’s better for the rest of us. I would rather he did a lottery and give money away like some other states so we could all participate.

What’s up lisa what part of the beautiful garden state are you from. Im in north east outside Manhattan

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I’m in Morris County. Northwest for me.

As someone who works in public health I support any incentive program to increase vaccine numbers. In NY they are giving out free lotto tickets among other things. A lot of the communities I serve have vaccination rates in the 20s. Outbreaks are still occurring in very condensed clusters. Aside from the disease itself, the ancillary issues are really gutting services in my communities. People withHIV aren’t getting their labs done, recovery groups are virtual and ineffective for people who don’t have the proper technology, etc. At this point state governments need to have an all out push to get people vaccinated.


He got us through covid for that alone He should be re-elected.

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Makes you wonder. Really trying everything to get you vaccinated.

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