Should I reduce my timer by 90 days?

Sooo. I think there’s a slight chance I unintentionally relapsed when I got out of rehab. I have a memory of that google dinosaur game that is almost too vivid to be over 270 days ago. The feeling of guilt that there’s a slight chance I unintentionally relapsed has been eating away from me the last few months. I am certain im not dumb enough to play a game. But there’s just this little bit of doubt that’s really bugging me.
Honestly I need your opinions to make that doubt disappear

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No way as you say even if u did it was unintentionally and your not even sure you hold on to each and every one of them days x


Can you be more specific? I have no idea what a dinosaur game is.

I agree with Nat. You did not do it intentionally. There’s a woman in my AA group that asked for seltzer at a work event and when she sipped it, she discovered there was alcohol in it. She has over 20 years of sobriety and didn’t reset. I think the old timers know best and since she didn’t count her slip up, I don’t think you should count yours. You’re doing great Jan, please don’t let this thought take up space in your head. You did absolutely nothing wrong.


I’m a gaming addict. When you don’t have internet and open the Google Chrome app a dinosaur game appears. I think there’s a slight chance I played it after rehan

Hey dude what is the big problem with playing games? As long as you don’t waste your life away it isn’t a huge problem. Some games are good for for observation, strategy and cooperation. Just limit to one hour a day maybe two. Shit I am 21 and I don’t even enjoy games as much as I used to but I still play from time to time. And the game you’re talking about is the one with the dinosaur when you don’t have internet right? Haha man you can’t stop enjoying little things in life.

There are people with many kinds of addiction on the forum though, and for some that includes to screens (as is the case here).

Like drinking or drugs, some can take it or leave while others do ask for help because, as you say, they get lost for hours and can’t stop. So suggesting just a little isn’t really an option to them.

Many people with many addictions. It is hard, @Crazy_Dutchie. And I appreciate your sharing about this struggle. It makes me stop and think about what habits I’ve picked up in sobriety from booze, and too much screen time has been one I’ve watched for! Guilty at times.

At a minimum I guess we have to be watchful for when it’s getting in the way of our lives, or leading us back that way. It takes a lot of self honesty and sharing with others about it does help that, as you do with us!


But if that is the case, it is a huge problem. 60 hour binge after 60 hour binge. Forgetting all other areas of life. Being held back at school. Almost being kicked out of the house. Being suicidal because you can’t life with the aggression you get from gaming which you direct at your pets.

That’s for me the same thing as only one drink.

Exactly, that’s one of many things I can enjoy now that I stopped gaming.

I don’t blame you for thinking gaming is an innocent thing, but don’t underestimate any addictions. Many innocent things can be very addictive. A few days ago I discovered even procrastination can be an addiction.

Please don’t tell someone that their addiction isn’t bad. It is that I’m currently strong in recovery, otherwise I could have relapsed and probably killed myself.
I’m not saying this to attack. I’m not upset with you. I’m simply informing you the danger behind seemingly innocent things :slight_smile:

EDIT: I said that I enjoy the little things now that I game AGAIN. Not the case, I don’t game again. I meant now I don’t game anymore


Oh damn, sorry. Didn’t realise it was that serious. My bad.


No just carry on forget it , your decision wish you well