Should I reset my timer?

Hi guys. I need your help.
167 days ago I went to rehab for a gaming addiction, I haven’t games since. However, last night I realized I may have started a cross addiction for Netflix. It wasn’t severe, max of 5 hours a day, yet I believe that if I were to continue it could get me to become the same guy a was a half year ago. I removed me account the second I got out of bed and now my question is: Do I reset my timer?

Thanks, that really helped me to calm down the storm in my head :smiley:


No is the short answer.stay strong reach out .:star2:


Good work! Good few days you got up! Have you thought about a gym addiction :smile: or any fun hobbies or social groups?


Well I don’t have a lot of social contacts in my country, since most of my contacts were gamers. And after 10 weeks of rehab I entered a Corona society, and due to the terminal illness of my stepfather, I’d rather not risk getting myself infected and then him. So most of my social contact is on here or in a chat group with people from my rehab.

While in rehab I did quite a bit of working out, which was quite dumb since my body was not used to exercise at all. I kinda ruined my shoulder and can’t see a physician due to Corona, so thats making fitness/working out quite tricky. I’m mostly doing sit-ups now.

I do have a lot of Lego, like 200kg and I’ve been assembling all sets and after 15 weeks still not done with that. And I mountainbike almost daily now. And I play darts since a few weeks.

So basically, fuck Corona, social contacts are mostly online, working out is tricky, but I do have a few hobbies


Awesome man! Are you pursuing a career of any kind or anything like that? I’m in AA and NA and work the twelve steps, and luckily we have been having online zoom meetings. But this corona thing will pass. You seem like a rad person, with a bit of persistence towards your goals ambitions and hobbies seems like you will succeed. Thanks for your contributions on this forum, it’s amazing really that you have grasped and dealt with your powerlessness in the way you have. I’m sure you will inspire others, I can say I’m inspired. Perhaps there’s even a gamers anonymous, who knows! Not that you would necessarily want to join lol! Jokes aside awesome! Mountain biking sounds great, I think I’d have to get an electric bike though for the climbs lol! As for working out focus on form, start small and work your way up. I’m right into it I track my nutrition and weight and try stay consistent, I find it sets me up to be on a good path, even though I can go a bit overboard with like suppliments and things I’ve seen a change and it puts me in control of self love confidence and motivation. Keep posting!

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You might not be interested but a quick google search looks like they do hold meetings online

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Asking this question shows a lot of determination and self awareness. And I completely agree with the answer you have received. No, don’t reset. Recovery is a lot of learning. So, right now you are learning what your boundaries are, which is great! This is how growth happens!

Remember, once the world starts to open up and come back together you won’t be stuck in this situation all the time. Essentially, this is temporary. We can do temporary. And we can definitely do today.

For today, you have reached out, asked a question that is important for you, and done the next right thing for yourself. Well done!

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u from the Netherlands? Cause i am and we have it here to, always watch it

I don’t really have a career yet since I’m only 17 and still got (unless I get held back again)2 years of school to go. But after school I’ll probably go to a university. And then I want to work at the rehab I went to myself.
Thanks for the advice on working out. I can’t use any supplements yet since I don’t have a job or allowance and I’m all out of money, however I could just try and eat more since fat gets turned into muscle pretty easily I believe and I’m pretty skinny anyways.
Thanks for the kind words by the way, really made my day :smiley:
I’ve tried following cgaa meetings, but I actually prefer NA, thanks for taking time and looking it up for me though.:smiley:

Couldn’t take very good pictures cause it’s kinda dark in my house and my phone charge is too low for flash, but here you go


200kg is exaggerated by the way, I think it’s actually about 100kg, which is still a lot tho

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I agree with others. I don’t see the need to restart the timer. And I’m so impressed that recognized a potential problem so early on. That’s great.

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