Should I reset my tracker?


I found this app and have been using it to help with my alcoholism. The problem is that I keep relapsing every other day😣. Today, I made it to day 3, but once again went and got some beer. After 2 beers I came to my senses, stopped drinking, and poured out the rest. Even though I slipped up, I still feel this is a win for me since I usually drink at least 6 or 7 beers.

Just curious if folks recommend I keep my tracker going to day 4 or go ahead and hit reset? It’s not a huge deal, but I want the last day I drink to mean something and I want to remember the date, so I’m not sure if it my current tracker date will mean as much after slipping up. I know there may not be a right or wrong answer, but just curious what others would do.


Hi @VaHokieDad

Welcome to the forum. We have a FAQ that answers a few common questions, including this one:


We are all different. If it were me I would, my tracker counts the days I am sober. To me that means zero beers.


To start this is your journey. We can tell you about our experiences. Give you opinions when you ask so…If I was drinking every other day I don’t think I’d looking at that as relapses. It looks like active addiction. A relapse in my world takes some time in sobriety.


Hi I went out Friday after 11days sober. I was hoping not to drink but felt massive social pressure to drink. I didn’t drink a lot at the meal two glasses of wine at the most I didn’t drive, even so as I couldn’t be sure if my glass had been refilled at the meal. When I was distracted. When I got home had uncontrollable urge to drink more, the wine that had sat in the fridge the whole time, now had to be drunk. I drank one glass and pour the rest down the sink. Today I am still in a terrible state anxious, tired and depressed.

I fell from a horse 10 years ago fractured two vertebrae
and experience constant pain. If I exercise it really helps but the drinking lately has put 3 stone on me and I am fighting to sort myself out.

Reset…try again we can do this and our dates will be true. Think of it as a learning experience. I am learning a lot about myself even if I relapsed I hope it has taught a little more about myself and I can move forward knowing more about how to cope.

Well done for stopping yourself from drinking more. :smiley:


No one can tell you what to do with your counter, but I know if it were me I would reset my counter. An alcoholic like me has to practice total abstinence.


If it were me, I’d reset every time I sought it out. I don’t share your addiction, but the principles are the same. If I’m willingly accepting my drug of choice into my body, even to a small degree, it’s a relapse. Rigid, constant abstinence is absolutely necessary for me. It may be different for you, but seeing your description of the constant cycle of drinking, I doubt it.


I’ve learned from past experience that it is best to reset. Honestly, if you don’t the higher numbers mean nothing. But if you do, the low numbers don’t mean EVERYTHING either. You know in your heart what you have accomplished so the numbers shouldn’t be the thing that makes or breaks you. However, they need to reflect reality for you to be able to fully look back and assess your progress.

Just my humble opinion.


For me, Clean and Sober means exactly that, and I would reset. I wan’t to count days of freedom. Even one drink, one intentional sip, would warrant a reset. That’s me. Your mileage may vary.


That’s great that you didn’t turn it into a bigger relapse, but personally I’d reset. If your aim for now at least is to quit drinking then two beers is not quitting drinking. And the sober days won’t be true so you won’t appreciate the numbers as much as they add up. Good move to stop when you did though. Stick around here, the support can really help. And welcome! :grinning:


I did a similar thing after 7 days. I really had a strong craving for wine so I had just one swig from a bottle which did take it away for that day, I felt I was being strong by not having any more. I didn’t want to reset as I had been so pleased with myself until then and didn’t want to take that feeling away. The only trouble was I did it again the next day followed by a glass then half the bottle because I knew it was there. I did reset and now back on day 4. I can’t stop at one so I’m not going to risk it. It’s your decision. I wish you all the best.


Reset . My tracker is the thing that kept me clean. Not wanting to see that counter at zero. That,for me is the biggest let down. Not the smoking of weed or having a beer but reseting that counter. . Looking at that figure going up and imagining the disappointment of seeing it at zero kept me going…and still does. Weed 370 . Alcohol 332. I WILL remain clean


Thanks for all the replies and good advice. I did reset and feel better this way. I think I’m going to set some milestones to help me. At 7 days my reward is going to see the Avenger movie with my kids. At 1 year I’m getting a new mountain bike!


Reset brotha! Be true to yourself!