Show me your transformations!


I remember the last time I drank so vividly that I still get nauseas when I think about it. I do not want to be “that girl” ever again.


You look AMAZING!

Sobriety is waaay better than make-up! The last weekend I drank versus yesterday, Day 140.


Thank you @Ashley_Sampson. You’re right I’ll take it one day at a time . I have to work on my motivation to build up a healthier life including healthy food and being more active. I’m still feeling a bit low but I hope so too @Yoda-Stevie that when the weather is getting warmer I go out for longer walks and get my bicycle ready . Thank you for encouraging me :muscle:


Feeling a bit low of energy recently but I want to be back to gym this week. I’ll start small steps. Thank you!


Yessss! :raised_hands: sobriety looks on you!


You look amazing!


Looking healthy and happy.


Left: Two weeks before sobriety, 250lbs
Right: Today, 193 days sober, 205lbs


Way to go! Keep it up!


Thank you. It’s been a lot of work, but well worth it.


Clearly! I’m far too lazy to work out. :joy:


Exercise played a big part, but the biggest was nutrition. Just eating right. Everyone can start there.


I eat exceptionally well, except for the candy at the salon that i keep “for the kids”. Still a chubby girl. :sweat_smile:


Wow! You look great! I guess I gained weight but still look healthier than before and I’ve seen so many changes in my life that a photograph couldn’t express. I found my university ID from 6 years ago and I compared it to my actual ID (the 2nd pic is from when I’ve got 6 months sober)


Donuts are my kryptonite and they’re always available at work.


June 2016-yesterday April 2018


That is great! Your skin looks better, definitely!


Awesome transformation!


@Benedictine Thank you.


Day 1, after a relapse 1 week in. I have NEVER been as sick as I was this day. And look at my hideous monster face! I had a slight rash before that that popped up a few months ago but it had never looked like this before. Turns out, my rash wasn’t from eczema or rosacea like the dr said (it’s easy to blame autoimmune stuff when you already have it) it was from Candida overgrowth. Coffee and alcohol killed all of my good bacteria and my bad bacteria grew in my system. I only discovered this when my mother was diagnosed with the same thing, except hers was affecting her differently and she had no rash outside, but lots of different internal signs. As I started to research hers and how I can help her while I was sick, I discovered there were lots of symptoms I had that could be this as well. Genetics put me at an increased risk naturally and I actually got the short end of the stick with that on both sides of the family. So, I immediately started treating it, changing my diet completely unprepared that exact day. This is me, 2 days later. It was working!

This was taken I think about 3 weeks in. I’m totally clear of that rash now. I had it for months before, much less noticeable than the first picture but still it was there and the doctors were treating it all wrong. I’m always my best health advocate, I’ve come to learn the doctors don’t tend to know much of what to do me but I always figure it out and help educate them eventually. That’s scary to me! I knew it wasn’t what they said as I had just started noticing certain food/drink triggers where it got a little worse. It all clicked for me the day of my first photo. But anyway, this was me last night, feeling like hell from a regimine my new GI doctor I found placed me on to heal me totally from the inside out. I’ve struggled a lot in my health during my life and I am psyched I found him! And psyched I’m totally clear!