Show me your transformations!


You really do look awesome, though.


You look absolutely radiant! :muscle::grin::purple_heart:


You look fabulous girl!!


You look great girl!!


Steve! I can’t believe it. That is amazing.


That’s awesome! And it shows brutally how destructive alcohol is.


Wow! To see your healing progress is amazing!


Thank you, it really has been utterly amazing! This face isn’t going back to that ever :wink:


Without a doubt one of the worst nights of my life. It would be 8.5 years before I quit drinking and using, but after over a year and a half sober, I’m doing so much better. Writing spoken word about addiction and training/teaching martial arts


That is an amazing way to give back with your sobriety. Way to go!




Which discipline do you practice/teach? I am a Krav practitioner.


I am so noticing my want for sweet stuff is wicked high!!


Oh my goodness - day 20 here, and I cannot get enough sugar!!!


No shame in a little candy if it keeps you from boozin, ladies.


You guys all look amazing! And some of the glow on your faces is awesome! Keep it up! Sobriety looks good on you!


I have eaten ice cream for like 3 days straight, me too!


I am in no way arsed reading through all of the many many responses, but I have to tell you, your skin and hair AND eyes are just glowing and look so healthy! Good job, you’re an inspiration to me, I always seem to fail at the 1 month mark. I’m 25 now so I hope to be completely sober from everything in the next year or 2 at the very latest. Glad I have role models like you to follow :slight_smile:


I think I’ve had some for the last five!


It is wild what alcohol does to your body. I wish I would have quit years ago. Please, try your hardest every single day. It is worth it, I promise.