Show me your transformations!


I just think about how many calories and sugar that I would be consuming if I was drinking like I was!


This is so awesome! Everyone looks amazing. Congrats guys :heart:


178 days!!!


Look at you! You are absolutely glowing in that second picture!


Thank you!!!


Now that is a transformation!


Well, that is awesome!


Ooh, you look fabulous!!


Really amazing! Lord help me to reach that transformation


Wow everyone looks amazing! Im only 9 days in and can already feel my skin is tighter. I’m quitting smoking aswell so i have a few “quit zits”. Looking forward to having a comparison for myself one day.


I’ve trained in shotokan karate and taekwondo. Taught both for a while.


Natural. Alcohol breaks down in the body to sugar. You quit drinking, body craves sugar. Cravings will pass. First month or so, I had to biggest sweet tooth, and I’m usually a take it or leave it when it comes to sweets. Try cocoa almonds or cinnamon almonds. Meets the craving, but healthier.


Awesome. I took Shorin Ryu when I lived in Okinawa 22 years ago. I almost went back to it, but decided to pursue Krav, as it is less about Kata and more about practical techniques, and is a good mix of different disciplines. Some Karate and JuJitsu, some Muy Thai and traditional boxing. Some Kali and Escrima. I can move from here to any discipline and have a good base to start.


You’re gorgeous girl. Looking so clear, happy and you’re glowing!! How long ago was the first one taken?


Thank you :relaxed: I think the first one was ca. 1,5-2 years ago in deep addiction. Gosh I look so…big in the left picture :rofl:


You look absolutely beautiful - and so healthy!


You’re beautiful in both but I feel like you FEEL naturally healthy in the second one.


Yesss, girl! Sobriety is awesome!


You have it right, I absolutely do. I start feeling really good and confident in my body, and I become healthier every day :relaxed:


You radiate life in it, I love it!