Show the artist within you


YES!!! It is beautiful. Thanks to your picture we can enjoy somehow that moment that is not going be repeated. Thank you @liv_m

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I started with this. I put some color in it. I want to share with you

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It is very simple but superheros always helped me in my recoveryUploading…


Anyone here has created his own or her own superhero?


Not my art work but my 7yr olds, he absolutely loves art @MandiH you have competition here :joy: :hugs:


Aww, I love it!!!

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Definitely earned a place on the wall of artwork :slight_smile:

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I love that flower


If you love it here is another shot and also the fruit.


Not mine but I like it so much I wanted to share it anyway :heart:


I love art. My medium is modern dance though…can’t draw for shit! But…I do like crafting. Just made this baby blanket for my good friend❤️ (it’s white with an apple green and soft yellow with four owls in the corners if you can’t see…pictures kinda dark)


I love this blanket. Your friend and the baby must be delighted


Aww thank you! It felt really good making it for her (it’s amazing what I feel capable of doing sober that I just NEVER would have gotten done drunk. I mean…I could still crochet then. I probably would have even started it. But I wouldn’t have finished it. It would probably also have a red wine stain on it and smell like cigarettes at least a little. She and the people around actually freaked out a little (which gave me anxiety at first…classic) but then made me feel so happy. She freaked because she could feel all the love inside it. It felt really really good to be able to see something through for her☺️

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My newest painting i just did :slight_smile:


Ooh love!!! Great minds think alike, this is one I did this last weekend


@MandiH yes great minds do think alike. I love yours <3

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I made this bohemian dream catcher for my classroom, who I share with our aboriginal advocate :slight_smile:


You’ve got mad skills. I’m so jealous.

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Love them both!