Shy good morning

Hi there
How are you all?
I downloaded this app because i want to not drink anymore- at least for a while. I dont drink everyday but once or twice a week for sure! The thing is that if i start drinking i cant stop it! I just drank until i fell asleep or had blackouts! Its embarassing and i dont know why! The job i have is amazing and things are really good. It would just start with few glasses of champgne and then end with two bottles. Also the surrounding i have is not the best we are all succesfull but some of them drink everyday.
So i guess im not gonna go see them for a while and hope i wont miss having a drink. I dont know if this belongs to the group but seeing your guys’s quotes and messages really motivated me so i wnted to be part of this group and share a bit from me as well.
Had this app now since monday and no drink. The weekends are the hardest but there are so many other things to do than drinking so it will go by fast! Have a good day
Greetingz from switzerland


Welcome @Fala, we’re glad you decided to join us. Congratulations on being sober since Monday! This group is for anyone who wants help with quitting or controlling their drinking/using. I haven’t gone to any meetings yet, but have myself glued to this app because everyone is so kind and supportive. The weekends are definitely the hardest. This is my first sober weekend too and I’m trying to keep myself busy.

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