Sick of day one

I’m so discouraged of resetting to day one! The only reason it’s not reset every day is because I get so violently ill for DAYS. I know I’m not alone…but I feel very alone. Can anyone relate? Even if you’re past the constant reset button.


Welcome, @Jlynn! You bet I relate.

It took me years to snap out of that cycle. For me it may have been a little different. In my case it was stubbornness keeping me blinded to the loneliness that really trapped me in a loop. Drinking, my world stayed small. It hurt and nothing got better.

Finding this place really opened my eyes. Reading and posting here helped so much, as did finding a recovery program. My world got bigger. I wasn’t really alone.

And neither are you. Welcome to the sober party!


I can relate to waking up daily, disappointed with myself. The night before, I was going to just have one or two, but it always ended the same: passed out in my chair by 9pm or so. Couldn’t remember my daughter’s good night hug. Waking up at 2:30 in the morning, realizing I screwed up again, and heading off to a sleeping wife. Waking up with the hangover, vowing not to do it again this day, but knowing I probably would. That was the story of my drinking, when it started what I call “terminal phase”.

Then one day, I decided to be better. I decided I wouldn’t drink that day. Then I did it again, and again. Along the way, I got better at getting better. I am 800 days better now.


Thank you for sharing and the warm welcome! I’m so ready to stop my own self destruction

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Indeed, it’s so sad and frustrating to get back to day 1.
The more reason to not relapsing :ok_hand::fist::pray:

If You keep on relapsing too often, then You might consider doing something, that You haven’t done yet.


Totally I was on reset for many many years not on here but in life I’d say tomorrow would always be better and again I’d find MYSELF using ,you will get there don’t give up try to emerse yourself in recovery as much as possible and just go for it (what’s the worst that could happen.:pray:


Yep…I was a constant relapser. I would hit reset so many times I would give up and delete the app. Then reinstall the app and hit reset over and over and over again.

Now I am a “better another day won than another day one”!!!



Absolutely. You’re not alone. Waking up, feeling awful for about 2 weeks, then feeling good and full of energy again, drinking, and starting the cycle over.
It helped me by journaling how I felt on those low days, then looking that over when I had the urge. You can do this!


Welcome! So many of us have “been there done that,” and can totally relate! The good news is, if you decide today that you’ve had enough of feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you can start the next best part of your life right now! You never have to feel this way again. Take one day at a time and don’t drink for today. Go to bed sober. Then do the same the next day and so on. Come back here everyday and read read read. Learn from the ones with some sober time under their belts. You can do this and you are so worth it!!


Yes in with you on constant day one reset!
Kinkade it one month, that was the longest I have gone and it felt amazing. I want that feeling back
I am on day one again today after a 2 week binge. I feel stronger this time and feel like I can get there again


Fireball if you’ve got a month under your belt, you can do it!! Sober you is calling you. Will you respond? Nobody said it will be easy but it is so worth it!:+1:t2:

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