Sick of it



Ever get tired of everyone still asking if your still sober? I am soo tired of it. And they only want to know what BAD is happening in my life.


Yes, like they just know you are going to say “no, not sober!” Keep it up and Stay :muscle:


It will be better after a month, 2, 6 a year. They will see that you are sober and then they give you more trust. They will change the questions feel that you change. Just don’t give up. Everyday is the day to go forward :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Try to concentrate on the good things and positive people in your lIfe.
That’s what I did.


@Theresa_Schultz, I would just smile sweetly and say, can’t you tell? Guard your sobriety, it’s your gift to yourself. Don’t let others make you doubt yourself or your reasons. Stay strong, they will soon move onto something or someone else.


Honestly, I actually want them to ask, just so I hear them say “Wow!” That, and I enjoy proving people wrong :wink:


I drank and used for 22 years. So bc I get a few months under my belt everyone should just believe me on everything? 10 miles into the woods, 10 miles out.


There will come a time when they don’t even remember you drinking. Snd that’s a sweet place to be in. But it will take years. Years of doing the next right thing & demonstrating your sobriety in all your affairs. You cannot rush time. Alcoholism affects everyone around us, in ways we’re not even fully aware of. The collateral damage is huge. Want patience & understanding? Extend it to to them. And look for the good. Make those moments of questioning you, good kind teachable moments for them. They’ll see the new you all that much faster.


Its like they want me to talk about the bad shit in my life. I dont want to talk about the shit. I want to talk about the good. I have my support systoms when things are going bad. I am talking mainly about my AODA counselor. I know it is her job but still…


My therapist ask me about it all the time. Ask me how many meetings I’m going too and such.

Frankly, they’ve seen a lot of people get sober and then fail.