Silverback Gorrilla

Its coming up to a month sober after 33 years.

I wake up at 5am every morning knowing its time to grind and get to the gym.

I lay there at the old me is trying to keep me in bed weak lazy and tired.

I lay there I see the old me who wants to go back to sleep and I roll out of bed and take that step.

Each step im.getting further and further away from the old me and that pussy isn’t catching up.

At the end of the day its you against you and the old me doesn’t stand a chance.

Pick your battle look at yourself in the mirror and say see that tired version of yourself and give it the most evil smile you can muster.


You want to drink?.. there’s no drink here!

You want to miss work?.. we will be there 15 minutes early.

You want to sleep until half 8? We are in the gym for 5 pussy!

Every morning when I look for the old me in the mirror, hes hiding behind these muscles and this evil grin scared to come out because he knows I will just go harder and longer that day!

Win your individual battles, create a new version of yourself.

The old me is dead…



Congratulations! Your right, we have to pick our battles. Stay strong and continue on your amazing journey​:clap::clap::muscle::muscle:

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