Sinus issues from snorting drugs

So I have to go see a specialist soon because I believe there is now a hole in my sinus cavity from when I used to snort a lot of pills and cocaine. It’s crazy that even after you stop doing damage to your body, these things can still pop up out of nowhere because the damage has already been done. On top of that issue I have several other health concerns like hep c among other things that I am having to deal with while staying sober. It’s painful and I am really scared to be honest.


I believe there is a couple drugs out that can cure hep-c ? Anyone else know ?

I to snorted pills. My sinuses are a wreck. I don’t think I have a hole though…

Im scared as well, I was taking hydro for 7 years, lots. I’m worried about my liver function from the acetaminophen.
At least we stopped doing damage :slight_smile:

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None of those conditions will improve by indulging in the behaviors that led to them. You know this. Do you fear finding out just how much damage you’ve done to yourself?

Look at it this way: Addiction is a terminal illness. It will kill you. Maybe slow, maybe quick, but it will kill you, but not before it takes everything and everyone that’s good in your life, away.

But you have the power to send it into remission. 100% within your control. In remission, you can work to heal the damage that can be healed, and more importantly, prevent any further damage from occurring. 100% within your control. Not like cancer, or ALS, or some other progressive disease, where you are at it’s mercy, and have to rely on doctors to find a way to treat it, and hope for remission.

Send it into remission, permanently. Live clean and sober, forever.


I understand the severity of substance abuse and the damage it has done. That should be obvious by the fact that I am posting about going to a see a specialist and the fact that I am involved in a recovery community. This post wasn’t about needing to be chewed out or educated about what addiction can do and more about needing encouraging words in a time of deep fear and pain that goes along with trying to clean up the messes I made while destroying my body.

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Welcome to the forum. Glad you are here. Hope the specialist can help you.

Wasn’t chewing you out. Was being encouraging. You do have the power, and no reason to fear, if you are strong and seek sobriety. Nothing will improve without sobriety as the foundation. You have some health issues that would cause anyone concern, but you can heal, or at least not contribute to making things worse. Control that which you can control That was my message.

Must be having an off day. I don’t usually have to explain what I’ve written previously.

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Steve is a great guy, with lots of great info. I know you feel chewed out, he really does help so many of us here. I hope you can see he was just trying to encourage you to stay the path.

Please don’t feel attacked.


I thought so, I believe that it works best if you have never been treated with these types of drugs. Maybe check it out @LadyZode

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The doctor said there isn’t a hole in my sinuses they are just really inflamed and she gave me a steroid to bring the inflammation down. I took it last night and now I feel So much better. Thanks for the replies


Antihistamines work for the nose runs. I used to snort everything b4 iv’n. My nose still ran when withdrawling. My nose finally stopped running and the sneeze fits are gone after 3 months. Whoo hoo!

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My nose is a wreck. Even after over 5 months I still have uncontrollable sneezing fits and sinus pain. The pain is usually very mild but noticeable. Meh, damage done, I just don’t plan on making it worse

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keep your head up. keep doing what you have been doing yo stay sober and I for one am proud of you my sister :grin::grin::grin::grin:

That is great news. One less thing to worry about, and one more thing that will feel better as you move forward with your sobriety.

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I have never snorted drugs, but I do have a deviated septum (from boxing) and wicked seasonal allergies. I swear by my Neti Pot. Use it twice a day. No more allergies, and I hardly ever get head colds. Might want to look into it.


Thanks to all that shared their experiences and advice with me. I was terrified the day I went to the doctor but I’m feeling a lot better. Glad to know I am not the only one out there that’s had an existential crisis over the damage I’ve done to myself during active addiction.

I second the netti pot. I have no drug effect experience but I have anatomical anomalies in my sinuses that cause inflammation and congestion when irritated (by litterally anything). Netti pot is life and humidity if you have access to a sauna or even steam from boiling water and a couple drops essential oils. Relaxing and so soothing. There’s also a cream over the counter in Canada called Secaris. I think that’s the spelling, no idea if it’s available in the US. Its just a water based gel type cream but it does wonders for iritation, inflammation and dryness in the nostrils Has helped my nose heal since I was a kid.

Glad you went. Even if it’s scary to see a doctor,having data is always better then having none. You can’t possible fix or help a problem if you don’t know it’s there! :slight_smile:

My doctor told me not to use the nettipot due to inflammation and to just stick with the steroid. It’s been years since I actually put anything in my nose but I was terrified of the thought that a hole could still show up because I put pills, subs, meth, heroin, coke, you fuckin name it, in my nose for about ten years at a time. My doc recommend I just wait until inflammation went down and used saline spray. The steroid has helped a lot

Yes, listen to your doctor of course. If your inflammation is serious enough to require steroid definitely wait. They will work fast. Netti post is more a maintenance type thing.