Sleepless and sober

Really struggling with craving to use have insomnia feel so many feelings at once any advice…sober for 3 days.


Your sleep is going to be all over the place as your body adjusts. It’s completely normal. You don’t ever have to go thru that again.


Day 12…and still not sleeping well every night. But the few restful sleeps i have gotten, blow away all the hangovers

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Thanks for that, today I’ve studied from home but can barely get up out if bed will do an onlone jeeting tonight and aim forvanother tomorrow. Thanks again ot makes a vit more sense when someones else has knowledge of it.

That’s encouraging as I’m feeling it alot thankyou.

Yep I relate sleep is the one thing in my life that has not improved in recovery. my choices play a role in that though